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“Is there a basement?”

What more could a family ask for! What a pleasure to be able to help these parents find the perfect new home for their children.

I love helping people improve the quality of their life… Whether you are upsizing for your family or you’re just looking to find a place that better suits your needs and [...]

Growing Up in Queens From 1970 to 1980

Awards Night

Back when our parents would just let us go out on our own, although they always knew where we would be... 

On our community grounds playing stickball, at the courts playing basketball, football on the grass between the garages - It was sports, sports, sports... all day, every day.

Fortunate to be a natural-born athlete, I always say I was the best I ever was at 10 years [...]

Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

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Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your home in New York? It’s a hot seller’s market right now, so you’ll have a big advantage in today’s market. Buyer demand is high and inventory is low, so it’s a perfect time to put your home on the market. Here’s a breakdown of reasons to sell this [...]

Sharing With You

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Sharing With You: Influencing the World in Positive Ways

The Sharing With You foundation gives us the opportunity to follow our passions while sharing experiences and making a positive impact on humanity. We make a difference by helping others grow and by influencing the world in many positive ways. Our mission helps us live happier, [...]

Fields of New York

John Zullo on Shares of New York

When I visited the ballfields at Fort Totten Park for the first time in about three decades, I was surprised to find the lush green spaces I remembered from my childhood in a state of [...]

Zoes Heroes

Zoes Heroes


“Dad!  You need to come home! A brick fell on my foot and I can't walk.  The doctor said nothing is broken or torn, but I still can’t walk.  It feels like someone is sticking a knife through my heel, it’s burning and it hurts so much when they touch [...]

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