• Prepared Buyer

      Three things to do to be a prepared purchaser: Get a pre-approval letter. Most people know this at this point, but get a pre-approval letter. Go to your local bank…

      Written by Leslie Cardone
    • One Minute Breath

      So I get asked all the time about my meditation because invariably in any conversation that I’m in, mindfulness, meditation, always comes into play because so many people seem to…

      Written by Leslie Cardone
    • Board Interviews

      So today I’m going to give a little advice on how to get through a board interview. Now, what I’m about to say is not intended to scare you, it’s…

      Written by Leslie Cardone
    • Home Buyer Visits

      One of my biggest pet peeves in the entire home buying experience is, I don’t know how anyone expects a purchaser to purchase a house, only seeing a house, maybe…

      Written by Leslie Cardone
    • Buyer Testi-MOE-nial

      [Bobby] Hey guys, so we just finished our walk through, closing is on Wednesday, we’re all really really excited and what Moe just reminded me of is we signed this…

      Written by Leslie Cardone
    • Stock Certificate

      Before you list your apartment for sale, your coop, please locate your stock certificate. Most people don’t do this until the very end when it comes time for closing, and…

      Written by Leslie Cardone
    • Staging & Photoshoot

      Hey, so today I’m gonna take you on a tour with us while we do a photoshoot. Now this homeowner of this apartment did a really good job putting everything…

      Written by Leslie Cardone

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