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    So today I’m going to give a little advice on how to get through a board interview. Now, what I’m about to say is not intended to scare you, it’s intended to, use an analogy and I use this all the time, if you’ve ever been deposed that’s a good thing to think about before a board meeting because when you’re in a interview the idea is to sort of answer questions and get out of dodge. You don’t want to provide a lot of additional information than is necessary.

    You want to be sincere. And you want to answer the questions and you want to be sort of the guy or gal next door, white picket fence sort of a thing. You don’t want to be confrontational, but you want to answer their questions and certainly want to be truthful. I use the deposition because if you’re ever in a deposition your attorney would have told you or would tell you to just answer yes, no, I don’t know, answer the question specifically. Don’t go off the reservation and offer a lot of additional information it’s not necessary, and the board committee really doesn’t want you to do that anyway. They want you to answer their questions. They don’t want to be there any longer than you do.

    So, they want to go through this process, they probably want to read you the house rules or ask you if any questions about the house rules, make sure you understand about the policies and procedures and everything that goes on within the co-op, and to make sure that you’re going to be a good neighbor.

    The most important thing to the co-op is really two things, that you pay in maintenance on time and that you’re a good neighbor. Everything else is more like how you live your life and where.

    If you play piano at two o’ clock in the morning, that’s not something that they’re going to really like you doing, right. Everyone’s entitled to peace and enjoyment of their home, but you’re living in a building next door to someone, above and below someone so they want you to be a good neighbor.

    So, if you ever go in for a board interview you can certainly DM me or call me, I’d be happy to talk you through it. But just be the guy next door, be yourself, don’t try to be anything that you’re not. Just answer the questions directly and sort of get out of dodge and have a nice day.

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