Buyer Testi-MOE-nial

    [Bobby] Hey guys, so we just finished our walk through, closing is on Wednesday, we’re all really really excited and what Moe just reminded me of is we signed this contract on my birthday, and Wednesday is actually Moe’s birthday and we’re closing on Moe’s birthday. This is Elan, by the way. Moe is the purchaser. So, how was your experience with purchasing the house with two brokers involved in the deal?

    [Moe] Shockingly, it was actually pretty pleasant, and I wasn’t expecting that. But, the one thing I can say is that Bobby was definitely true to his word and just did his part and came through. This is my first house that I’m actually purchasing, so I wasn’t sure, I was very scared about the whole experience. But, Bobby came through and he’s not a shark or anything like that.

    [Moe] It was actually like everything he said happened and I really appreciate it.

    [Bobby] Thanks. Thanks for saying all that. Now, for me it’s not unusual that brokers buyers all get along. I know there’s some horror stories out there. It doesn’t always work that way. It’s very easy to make things work. You tell the truth, you do what you say you’re gonna do. Things happen that you can’t control, but you just gotta, you know, have the desire to make things work out and be fair. And typically, everything will really work out okay. So, thanks a lot. I really really appreciate it. Thanks Elan.

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