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    Bobby Gellert from Shares of New York. How are you?

    So, I grew up in this apartment, Clearview Gardens. One of the largest co-ops in all of the United States. 166-28 17th Road with my mom, dad, and two brothers. I’m a middle child. In this front parcel, me and my brothers used to play something called ‘Killer Football.’

    What we used to do is used to be one-on-one. So my brother would be a quarterback, I’d be defense. And he’d have to either run or throw himself a pass and he threw himself a pass, I’d be there. You have to let him catch it and then after he caught it you can tackle him, punch him, kick him, whatever, until he said give.

    When he said give you, had to let him stand up and then he could do it again. The idea was, was you had to try to get to the other cement within four plays so whoever could withstand enough pain in order to get to the other cement, that guy won the game.

    We had so much fun on all these pieces of property, but this piece right here, me and my brothers, my parents talk about it all the time. It’s just a really, really special piece of property to us.

    Again, Bobby Gellert, Shares of New York. We love northeast Queens, we do a lot of business here, buying and selling homes for our clients.

    This is Clearview Gardens, we have a sales office at Le Havre on the Water, across the street from Cryder Point and Cryder House. We sell in Waters Edge and Bayside, there’re about, you know, about four or five thousand co-ops over there and we sell all single family homes throughout Whitestone, especially in Beechhurst and Robinwood on the north side of the Cross Island in between the Whitestone Bridge and Throgs Neck Bridge.

    That’s where our office is, everything there is walking distance, but we sell all throughout Flushing, all throughout Whitestone. So, whether it’s buying or selling, refinancing, construction, renovations, whatever it may be, whatever your interests are, whether you have friends coming into the area, whether you are thinking about something in the future, or for your kids, give us a call, we’d love to talk to you, help you out, even if it takes years for you to do anything.

    We’re there to be of service to you, and we’d love to help you out. We love Queens, we are Queens. Shares of New York, speak to you later. 747-0700.

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