Mindfulness with Bobby Gellert

    Hey, I just had a conversation with someone that just had a very bad experience, and I’m gonna repeat this story, or the concept that I was explaining to this person because I think it’s really, really important and I think a lot of people can benefit from it.

    When you have a traumatic experience, whether it’s an injury, whether it’s a failed marriage, whether it’s a failed business, whatever it is, the key concept to realize is that that happened in the past. The only thing that matters really and the only thing that we should be living daily is the present. Mindfulness, being present. The future’s the same thing as the past, it’s a concept.

    The future’s gonna come. You can strategize and plan for it to some extent, but to think about things, are they gonna happen, are they not gonna happen, not worth doing. Just like past experiences, not worth thinking about them any more, especially if they’re traumatic or bad for you because they’re toxic.

    You can think about them to learn from them but not to let them occupy your mind over and over and over again because what happens is those concepts, they control your mind and when something regarding those situations pops up in your current life, it immediately triggers those past traumatic events and they stay current for you, because you’re keeping those past thoughts current. That is what’s toxic. So the key is really to put those thoughts away.

    Now, this is a very big concept and it’s something that we all need to work on daily, even those of us who are actually very good at it. Believe me, trust me, we need to leave past thoughts in the past and we have to let future thoughts don’t even come basically, just let them be, let them be strategy and planning for things. Don’t worry about them.

    Live in the moment, be present. Once you, once you, one, once one gets this concept, you have this realization and there’s a meditation that I could walk you through, so if you’re interested in that, you know who I am, DM me, call me, I’ll talk you through it.

    Meditations really help, but this is a concept that we all need to understand and practice. The meditation on a daily basis will help execute this concept but you have to first understand and get the concept first and then practice it. Hope this is helpful.

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