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Growing Up in Queens From 1970 to 1980

Awards NightBack when our parents would just let us go out on our own, although they always knew where we would be... 

On our community grounds playing stickball, at the courts playing basketball, football on the grass between the garages - It was sports, sports, sports... all day, every day.

Fortunate to be a natural-born athlete, I always say I was the best I ever was at 10 years old! 

I loved playing with my brother and his friends - they were all 4 years older than me.

I always followed them around, waiting for the time for the games to begin.

They would never let me inside their houses to hang out, so I always waited on the stoop outside - occupying myself with whatever I could find.

But when it was time for sports, I was always the first picked and I became the most important person of the bunch.

It was so much fun. But as kids my age got older and grew, they got better too and I had to work harder at it. Haha

Weekends were for athletic leagues. When the fields were saturated after rain, we would go to the local gas station, buy tanks of gas, go get clay and dirt and burn the fields to make them playable.Fort Totten Batter

I can still smell the fire burning. It was intense. We loved it. 

Our entire childhood was about playing sports. Then, I was recruited to play baseball and I went to SUNY Albany.

I still love sports and everything it stands for. Being on a team, being a leader and building confidence.

Tell me about your favorite childhood memories?

Gratefully, B

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