Staging & Photoshoot

    Hey, so today I’m gonna take you on a tour with us while we do a photoshoot. Now this homeowner of this apartment did a really good job putting everything away and doing everything that we told them, including putting pictures of personal family and personal items away.

    You wanna allow the purchaser to be able to view themselves living there, not someone else. Obviously if you have stuff that can’t fit into closets or stuff that can’t be properly put away you may have to store it elsewhere, family or maybe into storage just for a short period of time, certainly for the photoshoot ’cause you want the photos to look really, really well.

    In today’s day and age buyers are really doing all their shopping online and they know which homes, which apartments they wanna purchase before they get there, and it’s really confirmatory when they come to the open house or the appointment that they have scheduled to make sure that the house is still standing and it is what appears to be online.

    And we take professional photos, which is really, really important because most people shop online as you know and the photos really have to be crystal clear and the apartment has to be staged and everything put away. So this homeowner did a really good job. I think the photos are gonna turn out really well. Come and check it out.

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