Stickball in Clearview Gardens | Queens, New York

    This is the Stickball court. We used to pitch from probably right around here. The box is still there. How amazing is that? This is, I’m 49 years old, so, probably 40-45 years ago, and that same box is there with the same circle in the middle of it.

    I can’t tell you how many pitches I’ve thrown here. Now, you probably think I’m crazy, I’m carrying around this baseball, but this baseball lives in my car. I ended up playing in DAC Athletic League until I was 10, went to Wheatley High School on the Island, was All-American, All-County, went to SUNY Albany, I played baseball and now a volunteer coach on the varsity baseball team in Chappaqua at Greeley High School, where I live.

    I donate money to fix up baseball fields within Queens, with a buddy of mine John Zullo, who’s the Executive Director of DAC–the youth league that I used to play in. He wasn’t the executive director then, but he is now, he’s a super guy–along with him and a whole maintenance crew, we been donating money to fix up baseball fields throughout Queens for Fort Totten and Little Bay Park, really, really passionate about it, we’re working on a couple other fields right now, about six and at some point we’ll ask for donations for people to help us with the support, help us pay for it, but right now, I’m investing my own personal money.

    This is a really nostalgic piece of grass for me, especially that wall. I’m actually gonna take a picture of it, because I really just think it’s that amazing and I wanna show my kids.

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