Paul and Marsha Gellert

    Le Havre on the Water – Beechhurst

    Paul and Marsha Gellert- both licensed real estate agents and longtime residents of the local community – and current residents of Cryder Point – will spearhead the sales & marketing effort. Paul is a retired real estate developer who has built over 2,000 cooperative and condominium units as well as a variety of other Class A real estate assets. Marsha has been in the service and retail business for over 40 years – most notably at Hazels’ House of Shoes. Many of you already know Marsha – so come by and say hello.




    Bob and Ed Gellert

    Bob and Ed Gellert are the principals of Shares of New York.  Combined, the Gellert brothers have 37 years of real estate experience spanning residential sales and marketing, commercial and retail leasing, lending, debt trading, asset management, acquisitions, property development, and appraisal and valuation services.

    The Gellert brothers founded Shares of New York to act as the exclusive marketing and sales agent for unsold condominium and cooperative shares owned and operated by themselves and their partners.  You will benefit from the Gellert brothers’ hands on approach, owner’s mentality and experience through a streamlined buying process and long standing relationships within the mortgage community and the legal profession to ensure that each transactions proceeds efficiently and effectively.

    Shares of New York exclusive properties are vacant, newly renovated, partially renovated or remain in original condition and do not require board approval – making the option to buy simpler than ever.  Contact a Shares of New York broker today, and be on your way to owning your share of New York!